As CEO of Premiere Pro Tax Center, Inc., I was part of the first group that qualified for electronic filing when it was initially offered by the IRS. We recognized that this would be a significant benefit to our clients and many of them decided to participate immediately.

When many of our clients began seeking our advice about their retirement funds, we made a decision to add a Group 1 Licensed Insurance Agent to our services offered. We have been able to roll over millions of dollars of retirement funds for our clients, providing better performance of those funds.

Stability is important to us, and Premiere Pro Tax Center, Inc. has been in the same location since 1990. Over the years, we’ve built valuable relationships with partners, affiliates and others to help provide our clients with a broader base of services.

Our staff consists of enrolled agents, professional tax preparers, insurance agents, a notary public and a real estate agent. As well as financial services, our insurance agents offer coverage for home, life, health, auto and commercial.

When it comes to your finances, we’re all in!

Anthony Burrell
Premiere Pro Tax Center, Inc.